Wednesday, February 9, 2011

It is night again

And as much as the part of me that wants to dive ever deeper wants to, I am in a rather good mood so I won't dive.

But there is something that I've been meaning to say. I can't though. Not yet at least. Maybe in due time, when I'm at my weakest.

No, today I will talk about something else: Pets.

Pets are great and are wonderful. They seem to know what you need most. At least some pets do.  I don't think fish would want to cuddle with you outside of their tank. Yeah.... So I'm just going to focus on our furry little animals instead.

I have two cats. Yes, I guess I am kind of a crazy cat person, since my life revolves around them. But as you know, they are pretty much all I've got (aside from family -- no, they are my family too).  Technically one of them is my sister's, a large male medium-hair black cat. Mine is a semi-large female tabby Mainecoon mix. And if you watch them with us, you can tell whose cat is whose almost immediately.

My sister's cat, Smoochie: He's a head-butter. You know, if you put your head near the ground, he'll come trotting over and head butt you. He's very affectionate and loves to get petted or played rough with. Typical.  He's not very active but he's not fat either. He is totally a beta cat. He also likes to meow a lot, and sometimes his cries sound like he's calling for my sister: "mommy?" Not a scaredy cat; he's very friendly, but not a lap cat either. He will tolerate being held by me if I'm on the couch watching TV. If my sister is home, he will sleep with her in her bed.
(Edit. This is Smoochie)

My cat, Moo: She's a really pretty cat. And she knows it, too. And I am a complete pushover with her. She's such a princess that she doesn't like to get touched or petted or picked up, unless it is me. She secretly loves to get tossed in the air when I quick-grab her. But she would never admit it (the purring gives her away). She's also not a scaredy cat, but she's not very social either. People to her are rather annoying, though they smell interesting.  But like a princess, her subjects (people) must cater to her. She is a complete alpha cat.  She is definitely not a lap cat at all.
(Edit. This is Moo)

Moo is awesome. This is one of the reasons why.

A friend of my sister's has an English Springer Spaniel, pure bred, not neutered. My first meeting with him, Hank, was me coming down the stairs and him looking at me and rolling over, wagging his tail happily, tongue sticking out. He is a complete beta dog.  Hank would come over often, since he and I seemed to bond really well. Of course my cats did not like this, since he would bark and chase them.  But on the day that Hank's owners decided to let me babysit him for a few hours, I decided to formally introduce the cats to him since they were surprisingly in the same room as him. It'd be OK since his owners were there, and I'd keep the cats in my arms, above his level to establish dominance. I started with Moo.

Now, Hank was sitting on the couch with his owners, chilling and enjoying life as all dogs do. I saw Moo and quick-grabbed her, carrying her in my arms over to Hank. Of course, being a cat, she was very upset about this and wanted out. She let out this really low, barely audible rumble, but not hiss. She was staring at Hank. Almost immediately, Hank backed further into the couch. I kept Moo still, her eyes intently watching him. Hank then proceeded to turn his face away and try to get behind his owner on the couch. A 55 lb dog would not even look in the direction of my cat. He clawed to get his owner to "protect" him from this evil death glare of Moo's. Needless to say, we were speechless. Moo went on her way to hide in my bedroom, but we knew immediately that we had nothing to ever worry about with those two.

After that, Hank would be able to spend time in the same room as the cats and not chase them or look at them. Mission accomplished!

I love my Moo. :3

Note to future self: PETS MAKE THE WORLD GO ROUND.
Note to near-future self: PETS MAKE THE WORLD GO ROUND.

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