Saturday, February 5, 2011

Beds and happiness are interlinked?

I read somewhere that cleaning is a way of controlling your life. Yeah, yeah, cleanliness is close to godliness. And I'm far from any god of any sort. (Maybe more on that at a future date.)

Anyway, this article said that the way to happiness can also start with doing something simple, like making your bed. It takes just a few seconds, and it is a noticeable change.  And when it's made, it's always inviting. Oh how I love an inviting bed.

I'm trying various things to change what it is about me. Right now I'm feeling pretty down and powerless. My only escape is to think, and I think too much.  I want to stop thinking. Which is possibly a reason why I'm writing this blog, to get my thoughts out of my head.  And I want to change. But the only thing I can change right now is the physical appearance of everything else, since I can't yet change me.  I'm sure I'll get there soon. No, I WILL get there. Until then,...

So I vacuumed my floor and made my bed! Woo for me. (Now if only I could clean off my desk and keep it clean for more than a day.... that'd be a sure win!)

I took this one step further and changed the position of my bed. At one point, I slept with only the head area touching the wall (center-of-room style). Most of the time I had my bed touching the wall at the head and right sides. I'd always sleep facing the wall (ergo, sleep on my left side). I've moved my bed so that now the head and left side are touching. The experiment will be... whether or not I naturally gravitate to sleeping facing the (new) wall or will I continue to sleep on my left side, facing the open.  It will be interesting. I'd like to keep track of this. But I am me, and I know that I don't always sleep on my left side. Sometimes I force myself to sleep on my right side.

Hypothesis: By changing the position of my bed, I change the way I lay and sleep in bed.
Ideally the other hypothesis would be: By changing little aspects of my life, I can find myself.  But that's just a silly stretch.
Related hypothesis: My cat will change her sleeping location to reflect the change in bed position. (Highly unlikely but I'll test this tonight.)

Some people sleep in the center of the bed. Some sleep on the edge of the bed. Some can't sleep alone. Some sleep facing up, some facing down. Some on their sides or somewhere in between. Sleeping habits are really interesting when you think about it. I've wondered if sleeping on your back caused you to have a flat butt; sleeping on your stomach would cause you to have a flat chest. But that wouldn't explain Asians at all (both sides are flat! :-o )...

Yes, I concur that a made bed is inviting. And it's inviting me to take a nap. Oh I do love when the sheets and blankets are cold.  Om nom nom.  NO! I must go do some other work instead. Right. Laundry!

Note to future self: Reflect back on this moment. Did I find happiness because of this singular moment?
Note to near-future self: Where'd my cat sleep last night? ...Did I ended up sleeping facing the wall?

Edit: Moo does sleep next to my head in her little cat bed, after I moved it. And I do start by laying down, facing the wall, but I can't stay sleeping that way and end up sleeping facing the outside out of comfort for my shoulder.  I am still making my bed every morning. :)

I wonder if you're still reading this. Well, whatever. There are a ton of other blogs out there worthy of reading!

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