Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Dangerous indeed

The App Store for the Mac is a very dangerous application. I don't mean that it'll hurt you physically. Well, I guess it could be physical, when you see where your money's been going and you have to cut up your credit card(s)...

Yes, it's that dangerous. I just bought 2 games (both were $5 and got excellent reviews; I needed something new to play) off of there, and almost bought more. Eesh. The longer I surf the app store, the more inclined I am to buy things.

But to add to it all, Apple's added just a cool little feature. When you click to buy, the program's icon from the app store JUMPS OFF THE PAGE and lands right in your dock. Seriously! Just a wee bit of animation like that and I am as giddy and giggly as a 10 yr old school girl.

...Yeah, it's the little things.

The games I got were: Braid and And Yet It Moves. I'll probably review them once I play them.

I should note that although I am an avid Mac enthusiast, I also do really love what they did with Windows 7. In fact, it runs beautifully on my iMac! Better than on my friend's PCs. Hah!

Another thing that is dangerous is the night. As the sun sets, my mood follows.  I fall into the darkness and go places I don't want to be in. Or maybe I do. It's always yin and yang. In the morning, when the darkness is gone, there's always a slight pull, reminding me that it's not completely gone. And at night, when I find myself crying myself to sleep, I still have hope.

Being so extreme is also dangerous. I don't know when I've become like this. Since when did I become irrational? Since when did I want to ragequit everything? Since when did I want to do something rash and irresponsible with no regard for its consequences?  Maybe this past year has been more traumatizing than I first realized.  Damn you 2010. Damn you.  So I'm back to picking up the pieces of my irrational rash behaviour as well as the walls that I let fall. So many pieces. But the upside to all this is that I'm finding my center slowly. And I'm finding my patience again.  And my wall will be built. And I'll be whole again. But that wasn't the case with Humpty Dumpty, was it? They couldn't put him together again, could they?

I don't want to dive now; the sun is out, and it is a beautiful morning.  I have two new games to play.

Note to future self: Humpty Dumpty had a great fall...
Note to near-future self: No more buying apps!...for now.

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